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ArmaFloor 500 Polyaspartic

ArmaFloor 500 Polyaspartic

Rhino ArmaFloor 500AU Polyaspartic floor coating (10ltr & 40ltr kits) is a two-component, rapid curing, hybrid polyurea (polyaspartic) coating system designed as a durable, fast Install, rapid return to service
system which is easy to maintain and looks great. Due to the product’s aliphatic chemistry, it can withstand UV exposure without the colour shift seen with other coating systems such as epoxies.

The Armafloor 500AU is a corrosion protection coating system that is non-yellowing and has excellent overall weathering capabilities. It can be rolled, brushed on or spray applied. With the addition of flake chips to add texture, tint flecked for decorative purposes or quartz granules for slip resistance this high-performance floor coating is the ultimate solution for residential and commercial flooring applications.


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