HYTILE Roofing Equipment

Australia’s most popular range of Cable Hoists, Belt Elevators, Solar Panel Lifter, Tilecutters and other associated Roof Tiling equipment, and offer these products world-wide.

Ridge Cover 7m

Ridge Cover 7m

Save time and money in bad weather.

Available in 7 metre lengths.

Product Code: MIS090

Bedding Frame & Brackets

Bedding Frame & Brackets

Use a HYTILE Bedding Frame to ensure your hip and ridge tiles are laid in a straight, even line.

Westflex currently stock:

Aluminium Bedding Frames
BRF1S - Short Standard Bedding Frame (1.8m) 6ft
BRF1 - Standard Bedding Frame 12ft

Stainless Steel Bedding Frames
BFRE - Bedding Frame 10.8ft

More sizes are available, please enquire with our office.


BF006a - Spare Bedding Frame Brackets

Hytile Tile Cutter with Tray

Hytile Tile Cutter with Tray

The Tilecutter comes in 2 models and is set up and used by a single person. It’s extremely accurate and fast to use.

TCAY001 Chisel on Top, Wheel on Bottom
TCTY001 Chisel on Top and Bottom

The HyTile Tilecutter was developed over many years and has become an industry standard in Australia. The special design allows increased efficiency, reduces back problems and causes less fatigue.The durability of the equipment is field proven, with earlier models still in use after over 25 years.The Tilecutter cuts both concrete and terracotta tiles at any angle, and the sturdy construction absorbs impact, reducing arm and shoulder strain.

Accessory Products also available:
HTT1 - Trimming Tray
TCA SET - Chisel, Pin & Wheel Set
TCA014 - Axle Pin Assembly - for cutter wheel
TCA003 - Chisel
TCA015 - Cutter Wheel
TCAY001R - Rubber Foot Pad each
TCAYfootback - Back Foot 355mm with Rubber Pads, bolts, nuts 14"
TCAYfootfront - Front Foot 355mm with Rubber Pads, bolts, nuts 14"

Solar Panel Lifter

Solar Panel Lifter

The HyTile Solar Panel Lifter makes installing solar panels much safer and easier. No more dangerous passing, lifting or carrying solar panels up a ladder to the roof. It will also do away with costly repeated hiring of scissor lifts and cranes.

Available in the following sizes;
CA402solar/s - Short 2 Section (6.1m)
CA402solar - 2 Section (8.5m)
CA403solar - 3 Section (12.2m)
CA404solar - 4 Section (15.8m)

The HYTILE Solar Panel Lifter is a really effective solar panel lifting device which transports solar panels up and onto the roof. It provides a fast, safe and efficient way of getting solar panels from the ground to the roof.

An easy to use solar panel hoist. This piece of equipment if highly portable, folds out ready for immediate use, and doesn't need to be dismantled. It delivers up to 3 panels at a time to the roof, is simple to operate and does not take up a lot of space.

See the HyTile Solar Panel Lifter in Action!

Cable Hoist Elevators

Cable Hoist Elevators

The light, easy to use electric Cable Hoist HyTile Elevator can be operated by one man or a gang. It can lift up to 15 tiles per load, is powered by a 3/4H.P. electric motor and has a 12 volt control system.

Cable Hoists come in four standard lengths:
CA401RR - One Section Cable Hoist - 16ft (4.8m) total length
CA402RRF - Two Section Cable Hoist - 28ft (8.5m) total length - (fold at 16ft, 4.87m)
CA403RRF - Three Section Cable Hoist - 40ft (12.2m) total length
CA404RRF - Four Section Cable Hoist - 52ft (15.8m) total length
CA044 - 1 inch Buffer (Board, for lifting arms)
CA045 - 1.5 inch Buffer (not bored, for trolley)

Tiles are placed on the trolley at the base of the unit. When the start button is pressed the trolley takes the tiles to the upper end of the machine where they are automatically lifted from the trolley and held while they trolley returns to the base unit. The trolley can be stopped at any point.

Until the tiles are removed from the lifting arms at the top of the machine, no further tiles can be transported to the top, thus allowing the tiler to work at the speed of his choice.

A two section Cable Hoist consists of a 4ft (1.2m) base unit weighing 90kg, plus a 12ft (3.6m) middle section weighing 15kgs, and a 12ft (3.6m) top section with an adjustable Bend weighing 28kg (133kg total unit).

A three section Cable Hoist comes with wire rope for both a two section and three section setup - cost effective to buy three section if that option will be required for customer in the future.

The adjustable Bend allows the top 4ft (1.2m) of the unit to bend to an angle of up to 45 degrees, allowing for easier, safer tile removal and less back strain.

Each Cable Hoist can be lengthened with the addition of extra 6ft (2.4m) or 12ft (3.6m) sections.

A hand-rail around the base of the cable hoist makes unloading your hoist from your trailer or truck much easier.

Assembly time on site is approximately 5 minutes for one man.

Rapid Return
With use of inverter technology we have developed a Cable Hoist that can speed up the loading process by delivering the trolley back to the base at over two times the speed it went up at. This function can be turned off when using your hoist for strip and re-tile.

Using your hoist as a folding machine makes it very quick and easy to set up - just unfold, ensure the wire rope is around the pulleys, and away you go!

Loading Rate
The number of tiles delivered to the roof by a standard 28ft Cable Hoist varies between 1,080 per hour (6 tiles per lift) and 2,160 (12 tiles per lift). When used in Rapid Return mode the Cable Hoist can deliver up to 2,800 tiles per hour.

Stripping A Roof
This unit can be used with equal ease to remove old tiles from the roof.

Assembly Instructions

Spare Parts
CA016 Bend Roller 40mm
CA022a Bend Pulley (on trolley)
CA071a Drive Wheel Outer Ring
CA141 Limit Switch (short arm)
CA194 Pulley Wheel (top)
CA195 Shaft & Spacers (for lower idler pulley)
CA196 Pulley (lower idler)
CA222 Section Roller 25mm
CA284 Trolley Wheel - per wheel
CA301 Wirerope 2 Section
CA302 Wirerope 3 Section
CA303 Wirerope 4 Section

Belt Elevators

Belt Elevators

HyTile Folding Belt Elevator is available in both petrol and electric models, and has a fully adjustable bend. It comes in 4 standard lengths.

22ft (6.7m) total length (folding at 11ft / 3.35m)

32ft (9.7m) total length (folding at 16ft / 4.85m)

For those hard to reach jobs, elevators can be increased in length by inserting extra 1.8m or 2.3m sections.

The Bend if factory fitted five feet from the top end of the elevator. This allows the elevator to extend up to the roof, and removing tiles from the elevator becomes safer and easier.

Tiles are conveyed on a heavy duty 6 inch wide (150mm) belt. If tiles have not been taken off at the top, an auto-stop lever brings the elevator to a halt to prevent tiles falling off the top end of the elevator.

Removable lifting handles on the base make it much easier to manouvre your Elevator on site.

Because the unit can be folded, the belt does not have to be taken off when the job has been completed. Just remove the motor mounting cradle, release the folding catch, fold the Elevator back on itself and drop in on your roof rack.

The motor is cradle mounted and can be removed in seconds for transportation.

Assembly and dismantling of either model only takes a couple of minutes.

Loading Rate
Belt Elevators can deliver over 3,500 tiles to the roof per hour with 4 tiles per cleat, or 5,000 to the roof per hour with 6 tiles per cleat. However, the usual loading rate, even for large gangs, is around 2,500 tiles per hour.

Assembly Instructions

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